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Tell Me About Dr. Silakoski

Dr. Silakoski (Jenna Silakoski, DO, ABFM) attended both undergraduate and medical school in Ohio where she went to Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Graduating in 2012 she dedicated herself to serving our nation as she immediately took an oath as an officer in the United States Army. Serving as a Soldier and a physician, she completed her residency at the Carl R Darnall Army Medical Center in Fort Hood, TX and became a Board Certified Family Physician in 2015. Since then she has attained the rank of Major and served in many roles including Medical Director of an outpatient clinic and Officer in Charge for the Family Medicine Residency Clinic at Fort Hood as well as providing care for Soldiers and their families across the spectrum “from cradle to grave.”

As early as medical school, Dr. Silakoski saw firsthand many of the challenges that existed with traditional healthcare both in the civilian world as well as the military. Difficulties with access to care and the lack of time able to be spent with patients left her searching for a better way. As Direct Primary Care surfaced as an answer to physician and patient’s alike calling for a way to bring relationship back to medicine without the complications of insurance, Jenna seized the opportunity to bring care directly to her patients.

Dr. Silakoski raises her two young children, AJ and Everly, with her husband Ryan who works for a company that supports our military. She enjoys painting, exploring the world with her family and looks forward to building a life in the community of North Idaho.

Tell Me About Dr. Odom

Dr. Odom (Michael Ryan Odom, MD, FAAFP) grew up in Texas attending the University of Texas at Austin  and the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. After graduating from medical school in 2011, he completed his Family Medicine residency in the US Air Force at David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB, CA.
Over the next 7 years, Dr. Odom was a faculty physician focused on teaching future military physicians how to succeed in the complex military medical system. During this time, he completed a fellowship in women’s health and in acupuncture. He deployed in different capacities to include medical evacuation, congressional support, and field trainings. He was also awarded the rank of Fellow by the American Board of Family Medicine. He separated from active duty service as a Major in 2021, and he joined the Air National Guard to continue to serve his community and country.

Since medical school, Dr. Odom recognized many of the challenges Americans face in their health is related to the American lifestyle. He is dedicated to working with his patients to help them identify and implement ways to live the healthiest life possible. Using lifestyle interventions, exercise, and when necessary medications, he helps his patient realize their health potential. Health is intentional. Direct Primary Care gives the patients and providers enough time to have these conversations to truly affect change.
Dr. Odom could not have done all of this alone. His wife, Charissa, and twins, Luke and Quinn, have supported him through this journey, and they are excited to be here in Idaho. They enjoy camping, cooking, exploring and exercise.

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