A common cause, treatment and prevention of simple nosebleeds

Written By northidahodpc

A common cause, treatment and prevention of simple nosebleeds

January 31, 2012

Nosebleeds are more common in the wintertime, largely because the air is dryer and colder.  This makes the nasal mucous crusty, leading most of us to…come on, admit it.. pick our noses.  Since there are numerous capillaries, especially on the inside wall of the nose along the septum, drying of the mucosa and then the trauma of picking and/or blowing causes these capillaries to get irritated, rupture and bleed.

If bleeding occurs, lean forward in a sitting position and pinch your nose just below the bony ridge, using your thumb and index finger.  Compress it for 5 to 10 minutes, and then check to see if the bleeding resumes.  If so, repeat this process and, if it continues, promptly seek medical care.  Take care not to blow or pick your nose after the bleeding stops.  Using a saline nasal spray or water soluble lubricant jelly once or twice a day as well as humidifying the air in your home can help prevent episodes…..Richard R Samuel, MD     Family Practice and Urgent Care   Hayden, ID  USA

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