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North Idaho DPC Simple Business VIP Membership Pricing

$127.50 per Employee Monthly

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Your Membership Covers Your Primary Care And Urgent Care

Never go to Google or WebMD.com to look up your symptoms again, Never pay a deductible everytime you walk in the door. No more sitting in the waiting room for hours waiting. Once you enroll you will have a doctor that cares about your health and wellbeing.

No Co-Pays Or Deductibles For Your Employees

Never worry about opening up a letter in the mail with a HUGE bill anymore. With North Idaho DPC you know exactly what you will be paying for.

Visit Or Call As Often As You Need Even Virtually

Your VIP membership allows you to have unlimited access at North Idaho DPC. Our VIP memberships are an amazing benefit for people focused on preventative health, personal doctor/client relationship or for those that do not have any type of health care benefits.

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What We Cover

Primary Care

Primary Care | Acute Care | Preventative Medicine | Integrative Medicine | Occupational Health

Health Management

Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam | Mental wellness | Weight Management | Nutrition Enhancement | Disease Management | Pre-employment Exams


We find the best pricing for every FDA-approved prescription drug at local US pharmacies near you. There are no prior authorizations needed and no formulary restrictions.

Office Visits

Well Visits | Well Child Examinations (including sports physicals) | Sick Visits | Counseling and Social Work With Our LCSW

Labs and Immunizations

Urinalysis | Urine Pregnancy Tests| Stool Tests | Tetanus | Strep Throat, Flu, and Mono Swabs | Blood Sugar | PAP smears (outside pathology fee is billed separately)


We have negotiated a discounted cash pay price for imaging including ultrasound, MRI, CT, and X-ray through local facilities.

Women's Care

PAP Smears | Mammogram Referrals | | Limited Hormone Management | Breast Diseases (including some breast feeding issues) | Birth control | Sexually Transmitted Infections

Chronic Disease Management

Hypertension (high blood pressure) | Diabetes | Skin Conditions | Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol) | Asthma | Seasonal Allergies | Osteoporosis

Newborn Care

Well Child Visits | Sports Physicals | Urgent Care Matters (including Ear Infections, Strep Throat, Rashes, etc.)

Treatments and Procedures

Simple Laceration Repair | Earwax Removal | Skin Biopsy and Lesion Removal | Simple Abscess and Cyst Drainage and/or Excision | Select Joint and Trigger Point Injections | Ingrown Toenail Care | Wart Removal | Abscess Drainage | Circumcision | EKGs | Diabetes | Spirometry Pulmonary Function Tests | Thrombosed Hemorrhoid Removals | Nebulizer Treatments | Removal of Superficial Foreign Bodies | Steroid Injections | Dry Needling/Acupuncture | Manipulation (OMT) | Cryotherapy (freezing)

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