Mixed feelings on the caucus system

I have long hated crowds of people.  Sure, I’ve learned over the years to deal with it, but the noise, lines to wait in and general commotion is not my idea of a good time.

Such are my feelings about attending Idaho’s presidential caucus on March 6th.  Living in Post Falls, I have to go down to the sprawling Greyhound Park and, once the doors close at 7pm (essentially locking me in), I’m expected to do my civic duty while mingling with hundreds of my fellow citizens.  This venue is relatively large, and I’m sure half of Post Falls will be there.  What happened to the simply primary where I could go down to the fire station on my lunch break, stand in a booth for 5 minutes, make a few pencil marks, and leave with an “I’ve voted” sticker?

Complaining aside, this should be an experience in democracy unlike none other.  As a citizen of the United States, I get to participate in voicing my opinion, while mingling with others, on who should be President of our country…viewed by many as the leader of the free world.  This is not a duty to be taken lightly, as our country is at a crossroads, facing perilous times and in need of a strong, moral leader.  I believe that the caucus is what our founding forefathers envisioned as democracy in action, and, although somewhat reluctantly, I am ready to lay aside any inconvenience and experience the privilege of being a citizen of the United States.  See you at the caucus!….Richard R Samuel, MD     Family Practice and Urgent Care   Hayden, ID  USA

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