Plantar warts

Ouch!  Plantar warts are painful!  These common lesions and are caused by a family of viruses that produce a warty growth on the plantar aspect (bottom or sole) of the foot.  They usually appear flat to slightly raised and are quite painful when direct pressure (such as walking) is applied to the lesion. 

Treatment typically centers around freezing or burning the wart, usually 2-3 times over the period of a month.  It is helpful if the patient can file down the wart daily after showering or bathing.  Moleskin can be used to pad the area around the wart, which decreases the pain when walking.  Often, surgical removal is the only satisfactory treatment, and this is usually performed by a podiatrist.  These growths rarely resolve on their own, and can frequently spread…..Richard R Samuel, MD     Family Practice and Urgent Care   Hayden, ID  USA

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