Stay-at-home moms deserve respect

When Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen suggested this past week that stay-at-home mom Ann Romney, wife of presidential candidate Mitt Romney, was not qualified to discuss the economy because she “hasn’t worked a day in her life”, my blood boiled and my blood pressure spiked.  How arrogant and judgmental!  Stay-at-home mothers have one of the hardest jobs on the planet… raising children, maintaining a home, keeping a balanced budget (take note Washington)…just to name a few of the many job responsibilities.  This is definitely work, and many stay-at-home mothers have chosen this career path over working outside the home.  Many others have opted to work part or full time paying jobs in addition to their household duties, juggling an already hectic schedule, just in order to make financial ends meet in our sour economy.

Working mothers need to be honored and respected, as this job is not a cakewalk.  They are a pillar of our society, and should be given the accolades they deserve…..Richard R Samuel, MD     Family Practice and Urgent Care   Hayden, ID  USA

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