Five Common Characteristics of Healthy People

Why are certain people healthy while others seem to continually experience sickness? To find the answer, let’s look at five common characteristics that healthy people share with each other. When these characteristics are implemented in your own life, you can set yourself on a path to living a longer, healthier and happier life. Let’s take a look!

  1. Forward-thinking. Healthy individuals have a prevention-oriented mindset when it comes to their health. These people don’t just react to illness or disability, they take an active role in maintaining wellness. The strategies are numerous, from nutrition and exercise, to proven medical screening tests and therapies, but the outcome is the same–these people tend to live longer and healthier.  One strategy to employ is the practice of an annual complete physical. You can read more about the benefits of a complete physical in one of our previous articles, Why Bother with a Full Physical.
  2. Attentive. Equal attention to the three pillars of human health, the physical, emotional and spiritual, is a key for healthy people. The physical dimension is obvious, but healthy people also practice strategies designed to enhance their emotional well-being, thereby decreasing the risk of anxiety and depression. Just as important is the spiritual being, which is often forgotten and likewise needs to be nourished for optimal health.
  3. Community Oriented. Healthy people refuse to be loners and isolate. Instead, they have a strong social network, such as family and close friends, that they associate with. Helping others through volunteerism is another common, health-generating characteristic that is frequently found.
  4. Healthy Weight. Healthy individuals maintain an ideal weight through proper nutrition and exercise. Obesity and inactivity significantly increase the risk of a number of diseases, from diabetes and heart disease to various cancers.
  5. Strong Genetic Stock. This unfortunately is based on the “luck of the draw”, as some people have a hereditary health advantage over others. However, those who are genetically disadvantaged may employ a number of medical strategies designed to detect, treat and cure certain diseases before they become life-threatening.

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