Direct Primary Care Provides a Superior Level of Medical Service


Doctor and patient


We are well into our second year of a novel medical experiment in North Idaho, and the comments that we have received about our new practice model have been overwhelmingly positive.  Direct Primary Care practices like ours are sprouting up all over the country, and they in response to the chaos that the Affordable Health Care Act has caused in an already over-burdened and dysfunctional medical system.

Direct Primary Care is elegant in its simplicity, and it provides a superior level of medical service. It’s  many benefits include:

1)  Seeing the same physician for all of one’s routine medical care.  Direct Primary Care physicians are accessible after-hours for urgent medical needs as well as during regular office hours.

2)  Same day appointments are usually available, and patients need not wait longer than the next day for urgent medical concerns.

3)  Visits with the physician are rarely rushed, and there is typically adequate time to discuss all of one’s medical concerns.

4)  Waiting rooms are uncrowded, and wait times after arriving are usually less than 10 minutes.

5)  90% of all routine and urgent medical care, including various common procedures, are provided by the Direct Primary Care physician.

6)  One transparent age-based fee covers all visits during the enrollment period.  There are no hidden charges or co-pays.

As we begin 2015, North Idaho Direct Primary Care again wants to thank those individuals and families, business owners and their employees who have supported our mission to provide a superior level of medical care in our community.  For those who are curious about what our type of practice has to offer, please call us at 208-772-5204.  We would be happy to answer any question that you may have, and to help you discover “excellent medical care that is personal, affordable and convenient.”

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