Three Warning Signs that Men and their Loved Ones Should Not Ignore

Middle Aged Man Using Weights Machine In Gym

Men typically tend to be quiet about their health concerns, and at times that can have devastating consequences.  Many of us have been taught from childhood to “suck it up” and not complain.  While this attitude can be beneficial in some aspects of life, it should not be the standard approach when it comes to our health.  Listed below are three common symptoms that men should not disregard:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction:  Common, less ominous causes of this condition include low testosterone and stress.  However, partial blockage of the arteries that promote an erection is another frequent cause, and often predates the development of serious heart disease, including heart attack, by 3-10 years.  It is typically difficult for a man on his own to sort the cause(s) of his ED, which is why this is best discussed with a trusted primary care physician.
  2. Urinary trouble:  Decreased urinary stream, difficulty starting urination, getting up two or more times at night to urinate, straining to urinate and frequent urination generally reflect prostate problems.  While this is often times due to benign enlargement or infection, it may be caused by prostate cancer.  Interestingly, recent evidence suggests that men with male pattern baldness have a 40% higher chance of developing an aggressive prostate malignancy.
  3. Testicular lump:  Self exam is important for men, especially between the ages of 20-35.  Although soft, mobile structures are normally felt, hard masses generally indicate testicular malignancy, which is the most common cancer in young men, but also one of the most curable if caught early.

Although scheduling appointments can be potentially embarrassing, men with any of the above symptoms should consult with their physician promptly.

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