Bladder Infection in Women

Written By northidahodpc

Bladder Infection in Women

October 21, 2015

Close up of a woman with hands holding her crotch in an emergency room

Almost every woman will get a bladder infection at least once during her lifetime. Although typically more inconvenient than serious, an untreated case may lead to a serious kidney infection, which may be life threatening. It is therefore important to recognize the risk factors and symptoms of a bladder infection, as well as become acquainted with the ways to prevent and treat this common condition.


Frequent intercourse, decreased fluid intake/urination, douching, frequent use of hot tubs/bubble baths, holding off on urination for long periods of time, post-menopausal hormonal deficiency and use of a diaphragm for contraception.


Pain with urination, sudden urge to urinate, frequent and small amounts of urine, lower abdominal/back pain, dribbling, blood in the urine and cloudy urine that has a strong odor.


Increase fluid intake, urinate immediately after intercourse, acidify the urine, avoid delay of bathroom breaks, wipe from front to back and avoid diaphragms, douching, hot tubs and bubble baths.


Antibiotic therapy, which is often based on urine evaluation in the lab.  Acidifying the urine with cranberry juice/capsules or Vitamin C and increasing fluid intake is a reasonable initial treatment for cases without fever, mid-back pain and/or blood in the urine.

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