Four Advantages of a Small Medical Practice

Row of multiethnic people waiting for the doctor in hospital lobby

Medicine has become big business.  Crowded waiting rooms, long waits to see a provider and quick, impersonal care have almost become the norm.  Our society has grown accustomed to this assembly-line approach to health care, yet there is an alternative to medicine-as-usual.  Due to small size, direct care practices provide personalized and convenient medical services that larger offices cannot offer.  This is accomplished in the following ways:

1) Routine and urgent medical needs are always met within 24 hours, usually the same day.

2) Reception rooms are typically not crowded and noisy, with wait times less than 10 minutes.

3) Face-to-face time with the provider is substantially longer, allowing for more medical concerns to be taken care of with one visit.

4) Continuity of care is emphasized, such that the patient will see his or her own provider for all routine and immediate care services, including urgent after-hours and weekend needs.

There is an alternative to today’s standard medical experience.  Discover how a small, direct care practice can enhance the medical services that you and your family receive.


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