A Cost-Effective Alternative to Insurance-Based Medical Care


Medical insurance costs continue to skyrocket out of the reach of more and more people.  Additional double-digit out-of-pocket premium increases are becoming the norm, forcing many families out of affordable health care.  Those that can manage their monthly premium often have very little in the way of extra budget space to pay for much needed medical services, being required to first pay out-of-pocket to meet their large deductible.  Consequently, medical care is often delayed, sometimes with serious consequences.  In a cruel twist of fate, the Affordable Care Act has become neither affordable nor caring to a large segment of our society.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) offers one solution to this dilemma.  Although not classified as insurance, and thereby not meeting the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) requirement for the Affordable Care Act, DPC practices provide a cost-effective way to readily access medical care at a fraction of the cost.  Nationally, the average monthly fee charged by these practices ranges from between $50 to $100 per month, and medical membership insures prompt and personalized medical care.  Same day visits are typically available for urgent medical needs, and wait times are minimal to see the physician, due the the small size of these practices.  Appointments are generally not rushed, and the member-patient can often have all of his/her concerns addressed at one visit.  Added benefits typically include steep discounts on prescription medication, labwork and other ancillary medical services.

Why not call us today at 208-772-5204 and find out how North Idaho Direct Primary Care can save you, your family and your business money while improving access to quality medical care?  You may also email us at [email protected] if more convenient.  We have been a pioneer in direct care medicine locally since 2004, and would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about the comprehensive primary and urgent care services that we offer.

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