Common Symptoms of Depression

Generalizations are risky at best, but a common way of thinking, and are often applied to the symptoms of depression.  A person with depression isn’t always extremely tearful or outwardly suicidal.  There are a vast number of other findings that can indicate the clinical diagnosis of depression, and many people don’t think that they have this condition because they don’t follow the socially recognized generalized signs of the disease.  Listed below are a few additional symptoms that, if present alone and especially in combination, may indicate clinical depression:

  1. Fatigue:  Lots of conditions can cause this, but depression should always be considered.
  2. Weight Gain or Weight Loss:  Vegetative depression typically combines fatigue and inactivity with increased food intake to cope, while some people’s depression decreases their appetite, especially if there is an anxiety component.
  3. Loss of Memory or Concentration:  Again, other conditions can cause this, but depression is a very common reason.
  4. Insomnia:  This includes difficulty falling asleep (more common with an anxiety component) and early morning awakening with difficulty falling back asleep.  The latter is classic for pure depression.
  5. Anhedonia, or Loss of Pleasure:  Nothing really excites the depressed person, including sex.
  6. Moodiness and Hopelessness:  This is pretty obvious, but needs to be mentioned.
  7. Difficulty Making Decisions: Indecisiveness is a common finding in the depressed person, with procrastination a typical behavior.

Depression is very common, especially during the winter months.  With the right combination of medication, counseling and lifestyle change, most cases of depression can be successfully treated.

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