May Covid Update

Covid Update
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Just as a bit of a recap, in case you missed the update from May 1st, we are open for in-person appointments with the following modifications:

1) We are allowing one patient in the building at a time; when you show up for an appointment, please give us a call to make sure we’re ready for you.

2) Please bring your mask! Although Kootenai County has (thankfully) not been hit very hard by the most recent wave of COVID-19, people are starting to come back from their summer homes, which means there is a slight chance of the virus also coming back.

3) If you don’t have gloves, we will meet you at the door with a pair of pretty blue latex free gloves for your use here in the office.

4) We are spacing in-person appointments out by 30 minutes to give us ample time to disinfect the rooms, bathroom, and waiting area between patients. To this end, we ask that in-person appointments be reserved for those who have urgent/emergent complaints, or items that require a physical examination for diagnosing (i.e. stitches, eye flushing, etc).

Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who have already helped us observe these precautions to help protect the rest of our North Idaho DPC family! We are tickled to see what can be accomplished when we all work together. For example, one of our VERY generous patients has donated a box of the hard-to-find N95 masks for us to use in the office. This is so helpful for those of us on staff because it means we can continue to safely provide care to our patient family. We are beside ourselves with gratitude! This, and other acts of kindness and grace have been a force of sanity saving goodness over the last couple of months. You guys are all rock stars!

We also would like to again thank everyone for their patience as we transition (hopefully soon) back to “business as usual”. We don’t have a projected date for when we will be fully open, but as soon as we know we’ll spread the word.

Lastly, we know the economy has been rough lately, and some have lost jobs or have had a significant decline in their income. If you are struggling with the cost of your membership, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and we can discuss options for scholarships if needed. Also, if it helps, we know of two facilities that are hiring! First Light Home Care is looking for qualified workers, and Post Falls Family Dental is looking for a hygienist. If you or a family member is in need of a job and these positions fall into your skillset, give them a shout! Also, if you are a business owner in need of employees and would like a signal boost, let me know and I can start adding those into our Small Business Support Group emails.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend! We love you all; don’t forget to care for each other.

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