Dr. Jenna In The News Getting A Covid Shot From Moderna

Covid Vaccine Moderna

Watch the video of Dr. Jenna Getting the Covid Vaccine at the hospital.

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History is being written in North Idaho. 4400 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine will go to frontline workers at a panhandle Health District clinic. It’s just the first step in vaccinating everyone in the gem state. Katelyn Knapp spoke to a school nurse getting vaccinated just today.

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People walking through these doors have one thing in mind the COVID-19 vaccine today, panhandle health wants three vaccination clinics and health care workers are taking full advantage of this milestone.

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I’ve been hoping for it for a long time. So I’m happy to hear

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Nicole piekarski is talking about this. The COVID-19 vaccine. She’s head school nurse of Coeur D Alene public schools.

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Our jobs are not what they were before. And that does

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affect me. days like today make the struggles worth it by karski signed up for a COVID-19 vaccine last week. And the dream became a reality this

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morning. I put my car in park and I took a deep breath and I said it’s here. It’s now it’s today. gathered up my things What am I going to need and I came in strong and confident and comfortable.

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A little after nine pikarski sat down in a chair ready to roll up her sleeve.

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Awesome. That was simple and easy, didn’t burn. It was quick, good job.

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She wasn’t the only health care worker getting vaccinated.

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I want to do everything that I possibly can to keep them safe, not just masking and distancing and doing things by phone and telemed. But obviously getting the vaccine

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Dr. Jenna Silakoski, and piekarski are encouraging others to get the vaccine when it’s open to others. And it went in real smooth and easy didn’t hurt no sting.

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It was great.

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Under the state’s recommended plan next in line for the shot our grocery store workers, anyone over 75 years old and teachers. For people who got their shots here at panhandle health, they still have one more vaccination to go.

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I already scheduled my next appointment and I’ll be able to come back here and I have my time and my date and get the second vaccine.

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It’ll be about three weeks before this can happen. And pikarski says she’ll be right back here for it.

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I think I might save the sticker and put it in my memory box. I think I’m on the right side of history here and I’m excited for our community that we have this available to us.

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Idaho governor Brad little hopes to have all 130,000 healthcare workers vaccinated by the end of January. Reporting in Hayden, Caitlin Knapp 4news now.

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