How Not to Diet

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How Not to Diet:

I am constantly asked about how to lose weight. Besides that we all know this is a complicated challenge without an easy answer, I am striving to try and find ways that are EVIDENCED based to help my patients. I have looked at numerous fad diets, and while most induce weight loss; often it isn’t sustainable. So I specifically look at changes that are able to be permanent lifestyle modifications.

In that vein, I read “How Not to Diet” by Dr. Michael Greger. First off, Dr. Greger has a whole team that pours over data looking for the best techniques that are evidenced based. We know that it is more than eat les – exercise more, and I want to share three of the techniques that are relatively easy to implement. #HowNotToDiet #MichaelGreger https://www.amazon.com/How-Not-Diet-Groundbreaking-Permanent/dp/1250199220



1st: Increase your natural fiber intake – ideally premeal.
Studies showed that an apple or small salad of 100 calories helps you consume less calories during your meal. Fiber is fascinating in how it works in your body; specifically, that your body doesn’t absorb all of it. Thus, you do NOT keep all the calories in fruits and vegetables making them less calories that advertised. Besides flushing the calories, fiber helps you be more regular as well. The apple pre-meal is actually thought to be a negative calorie – most people that eat a 70-calorie apple prior to their meal, actually will consume 200 less calories at their meal. So its almost like Negative 390 calories a day for free.

Drink up (H2O)

2nd: Drink a glass of unflavored cold water before each meal (16 oz).
Besides just filling your gut up to eat less calories; some studies show an independent increase in metabolism. If you really want to up the ante on this one, cut out all flavored beverages for additional calorie savings.

Take 20

3rd. Undistracted 20 MINUTE meals.
How many times do we find ourselves watching TV snacking on chips and look down to find the chips gone? When eating – make it a specific time to eat. Enjoy the company of your family without television or phones for distraction. Also make it take a full 20 minutes for the first plate. If you intentionally take this much time, you allow your body to communicate to your brain when you’re full.

If you are interested in learning more and finding out other ways to adjust your lifestyle without starving yourself, take a look “How Not to Diet” or download the app The Daily Dozen and look at his 21 Tweeks for weight loss.

Of course, I am always happy to discuss how to help you be the healthiest you can be. https://link.northidahodpc.com/EnrollNow

Dr. Odom

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