Rehydration at home

Good morning NIDPC Family,
Following up from last week, we are going to move on the second half of my emergency preparation presentation. I am going to discuss how to deal with dehydration. Now in an emergency situation this is most likely going to be secondary to either inadequately prepared food or unclean water, but it could be in relation to exercise, heat exhaustion, or viral infections. You will recover from most of these conditions if you are able to remove the offending agent and stay hydrated.

If you remember when we were kids, Gatorade tasted terrible. It was salty and it had minimal flavor. Commercial reasons have caused Gatorade to modify the formula with more sugar, but the original recipe is closer to the ideal solution. Because of a receptor in our gut called the sodium glucose cotransporter, both sugar (glucose) and salt (sodium) are important for bringing water into our bodies.

Home Recipes:

Here are 3 different recipes that you can make in a pinch if you do not have access to premade solutions. (Pedialyte or liquidIV are my favorite premade solutions but my kids always get sick at 10pm and I am out of pedialyte). These are good for pediatric patients to adults, and the WHO has helped push these recipes out to remote areas to decrease morbidity from diarrheal illnesses.

– 1 quart water
– ¾ teaspoon table salt
– 2 Tablespoons sugar
– Optional: crystal light for flavor

Chicken Broth
– 1 qt water
– 1 dry chicken broth cube
– ¼ teaspoon table salt
– 2 tablespoons sugar

Cranberry Juice
– ¾ cup juice
– 3 & ¼ cups water
– ¾ teaspoons table salt

I have made all of these solutions, and I prefer the sweeter solutions to the chicken broth, but they all will do the trick. It is important to take small sips and drink the quart over 1-2 hours. The goal is to continue to urinate clear yellow urine. Next goal is to identify how you got sick to prevent similar issues in the future.

As we discussed previously, we enjoy being engaged in educating our community. If you or one of your organizations would like to pair up for an educational opportunity, please reach out to us.

Stay hydrated out there,
M. Ryan Odom, MD
North Idaho DPC

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