We Are All Mortal: Being Prepared for the End

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Navigating the Medical System at the End of Life – complete

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Walk through the medical system with a family physician. Dr. Ryan Odom has worked in the clinic, urgent care, the hospital, and the intensive care unit. You will learn about the limitations in each area, and how you can be prepared to navigate the challenges in each area to maximize your or your loved one’s healthcare.


– Learn the capabilities and limitations of each area of the medical system

– Discuss the language you can use to effectively communicate your end of life wishes

– Use small groups to ask personal questions in regards to End of Life Care

During the last half hour, utilize a panel discussion to ask providers questions in each area of the medical system

Life Support: How to Represent Your Loved One When They Cannot – Oct 27, 2022

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It is terrifying when a loved one is in the Intensive Care Unit, and cannot make decisions for themselves. We will discuss what it looks like to have a family member in the ICU, and how you and your family can work together to honor them in your medical discussions guiding the care they receive.


– Discuss how someone may become incapacitated and unable to make decisions

– Learn how the Intensive Care Unit operates to better navigate the care

– Understand how to maximize family meetings with the provider to get the care your loved one needs

– Use video to show end of life examples of FULL CODE vs Do Not Resuscitate

During the last half hour, utilize a panel discussion with ICU physicians to answer questions regarding End of Life Discussions

Communication: What Happens When Your Paperwork Isn’t Together? – Nov 17, 2022

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How many people hate paperwork? The blessings for your family are actually in the details. We will review the important documents that will empower your family to be confident in decisions to help ensure you receive the care you desire at the end of life.


– Understand who benefits from having documentation

– Discuss and compare the POST form, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney vs Medical Power of Attorney, and Code Status

– Review the de facto Medical Power of Attorney

– Where to keep your documentation

– Break into Small Groups to complete 5 Wishes

During the last 30 minutes, utilize a panel discussion with a legal expert and inpatient provider to answer questions

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