The hard working man/woman deserves a break

I get so tired of the constant assault on the working man (and woman).  You know, the responsible citizen who is trying to earn an honest days wage by providing for his or her family, not hanging out and sapping off family, friends or the government.  Or the abled body person who is out of a job and feverishly trying to find work in this bum economy.  These are the people who have made America great.  It is not the self proclaimed intellectuals, or the dishonest and greedy corporate fat cats who take advantage of others and only look out for their bottom line.  And certainly not those politicians who won’t stand by their principles and will do or say anything to get re-elected.  Hard working people don’t have a sense of entitlement, and they responsibly pay their taxes, in part to support those who do not.  It is the working man, the backbone of this country, that is to be honored and respected.  Not taxed more, and then find their jobs have been outsourced to a third world country!

As a physician, I have seen the hit our working men and women have taken first hand.  Many don’t have health insurance or have policies with high out of pocket expenses, and don’t have the necessary cash to promptly access quality medical care.  As a result, health problems that would have been easy to cure or prevent get worse because they delay care, and when they finally do get that care, it involves an expensive emergency room visit or hospitalization.  Frequently the medical problem has progressed to the point that the person is gravely ill or dies. The financial and emotional burden escalated largely because the working person often find himself living paycheck to paycheck. 

A number of solutions to this health care crisis have been proposed, with some offering a few good points.  The pros and cons of President Obama’s health care reform were discussed in a blog from earlier this year (4-16-11). Although the plan is noble, I believe it has some serious flaws, including the psychological effect of making us even more dependent on big government.  We need a solution that honors individual freedom while, at that same time, doesn’t place a further financial burden on the working man and small businesses in the form of more taxes.  In Kootenai County, Idaho, we have come up with what has turned out to be a viable and sustainable option.   Our office,  Richard R Samuel, MD  Family Practice and Urgent Care, offers board certified physician services at a reduced cash rate, giving our patients comprehensive and consistent care provided by one, not multiple, providers.  We pass savings on to our patients because our overhead is  lower than most other facilities.  This is accomplished through a variety of means, from eliminating billing services through not routinely advertising via traditional media sources.

We feel a special loyalty and commitment to those responsible citizens who are able to and actively work for a living, and we will do everything we can to support them during these difficult economic times…Richard R Samuel, MD     Family Practice and Urgent Care

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