Three Ways a Direct Primary Care Medical Practice Promotes Health

Most of us want to be healthy, free from the burden of illness and disease.  We want to enjoy life to the fullest, and being sick can only limit our horizons.  A previous article, Five Common Characteristics of Healthy People, reviews strategies that many individuals employ to decrease the chance of illness and disability.  In a similar vein, direct primary care medical offices are well suited to promote wellness in their patients, largely due to their small practice size.  Low patient volume can improve patient health and provide a superior level of care in three specific ways:

  1. More time with the physician:  Traditional, insurance-billing practices are so busy that health-promotion often takes a back seat to treating illness.  Direct care practices, on the other hand, typically schedule more time with each patient, providing greater opportunities to discuss ways to maintain health and decrease the chance of disease.  Wellness physical exams are emphasized and encouraged.
  2. Continuity of medical care:  High volume offices tend to employ multiple providers.  Urgent care needs are often managed at an immediate-care medical facility, especially after hours or on the weekend.  Direct care practice patients, on the other hand, typically see their own physician for both primary and urgent care needs.  Since medical services are not fragmented, these patient receive a higher level of service.
  3. User friendly:  Contrary to large medical offices, direct care patients typically see their own physician the same day, and certainly no later than the next day for urgent medical needs.  Offices are not crowded, wait times are minimal, staff size is small and non-visit options through email, text, phone and video-feed are frequently available.  All of there strategies are designed to make medical care more pleasant and readily accessible, thereby increasing the quality of the care received.

North Idaho Direct Primary Care places a high emphasis on the maintenance of health, delivered in a friendly and relaxed setting.  Call us today at 208-772-5204 or email us at [email protected] and find out how we can cost-effectively provide complete primary and urgent care medical services for you, your family and your business employees.  If you found this article informative, click here to sign up for our monthly newsletter.

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