AHA Life’s Simple 7

Good morning North Idaho DPC,

There are 2 things that impact heart health. There are the nonmodifiable factors (basically our genetics that we are born with) and the modifiable factors (things we can do something about). The American Heart Association has a list known as Life’s Simple 7. These are 7 areas that are modifiable things in our lives that will help us live longer.

Life’s Simple Seven

1. Manage your blood pressure (goal <130/80)
2. Control your cholesterol – Let’s talk about it
3. Reduce blood sugar – Be intentional
4. Get active – 150 minutes / week
5. Eat better – Refer to last email – but we will continue to delve into this
6. Lose Weight – Goal BMI 19-25 – We can work on this together
7. Stop Smoking – You’ve tried before, let us help

The website above has specifics on how to attack each of these topics, and I will be addressing each one over the next several weeks as an area of interest.

As always, if you are ready to make significant changes to your life to help you be healthy, either make an appointment by calling our clinic or click on the link to enroll as a patient.



M. Ryan Odom, MD

North Idaho Direct Primary Care

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