How healthy is your heart?

Written By M. Ryan Odom, MD

How healthy is your heart?

April 21, 2022

Good morning North Idaho DPC,

First, thank you for all of the support last week. I truly felt the support, and the big and small success that each of you have our journey has been a buoy in a bad week. You are amazing and I appreciate working with you.

Now, it is time to celebrate the last piece of the American Heart Associations Simple 7. You are probably starting to realize that this is material is similar to things you have heard before, but it helps put specifics on each topic.

Let’s do a quick review of the recommendations:

  1. Stop smoking (or don’t start)
  2. Eat Better (Veggies are not poison despite what my children would lead me to believe)
  3. Get Active (150+ minutes of moderate intensity exercise)
  4. Manage your blood pressure (Goal <130/80)
  5. Control your cholesterol (Do you know your 10 year heart attack and stroke risk?)
  6. Reduce your blood sugar (Make every carb worth it)
  7. Maintain a healthy weight (If you’re doing the above 6, this one will start to fall in line)

The best part of each of these topics is the tips on how to implement them. Take a look at each of the blog posts that tackled each topic. Maybe you feel that you are knocking it completely out of the park… well let’s take the test:


My score was 7.1/10 – we all have room to improve. This will help high light areas that you can focus on and make sure that we are doing all the right things to help you live the healthiest life you can.

If you are not sure what your blood pressure, blood sugars or any other data, lets talk. I would be excited to meet with you to help discuss how we can work together with life style modification or medications to help you achieve your goals.


Dr. Odom

North Idaho Direct Primary Care

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